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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Aug 9, 2022

What's in Mexico? MEXCIANS! Oh and vampires. Lots of vampires.
Come with us on the road trip of a lifetime as we take that death ride with the Gecko Bros all the way to the very end of all things. WELCOME TO PANDEMONIUM!
Joining as Special Guest Vampire Hunters are OUR dynamic duo - it's Natasha Kermani and Zoe...

Jun 7, 2022

An erotic thriller that's not sleazy and cheap? It sounds crazy but that's just what you get in this forgotten gem from 1992. Ivy seduces, uses, manipulates... but is she all that bad, really? Maybe, maybe not! Just don't say that to Sylvie.
What Ivy wants, Ivy gets... even if you need to take a fall in the process!

May 14, 2022

The adventures of Hercules continue, Bat fans! Arnold runs amok yet always with love in his heart... but no dough in his pockets. Hear the exciting conclusion to this epic film and equally as epic podcast!
Joining our odyssey once more are our mythic dream team of Dael Kingsmill and Omar Najam!

The next episode...

May 9, 2022

Hercules needs some excitement in life... Olympus just ain't cuttin' it! How to spice things up a little? Why, by heading to Earth, befriending a dweeby pretzel salesman and attempting to become both a discus coach AND wrestling superstar, of course!
Come and see the world's most perfect body!
Joining our odyssey...

Apr 22, 2022


Originally released on 07/03/22, just after the movie had hit cinemas.


It's finally here - THE Batman is upon us! Hear Jon and Niall's first, initial, before-we've-had-a-proper-chance-to-digest-it, SPOILER-FILLED, takes on this momentous cinematic event. R-Batz...